jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010


Today is common see in the TV commercials, TV shows, educational programs, news etc; the companies are different Kind products make advertising campaigns, this is a big market it´s a good form that promotion your products and selling.

In the word exist millions of brands, for example Coca Cola this company realize excellent commercials, this technologies used are incredible, there are beautiful, according to old public. And this make coca cola have sales millionaire. In Costa Rica the television it’s beginning to development however the advertising not so bat, exists exception for example Interacel are the company consist the people send a message with a word example: LOVE and the are com back at your future in love the cost for message are 500 colones its very expensive and I think is a stupid form that make publicity.

Other announcement don’t like are to refer a consumption to alcohol and smoke because use a beautiful lake place and do see happy people, for me not is a better form to offer product. In general I think the advertising is a necessary is an other form to communicate and its part to entertainment; they have make conscience about what is good or bad for you.

sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Story on the use of slang in the United States and Britain

Every country has a history and culture that makes them different from other countries, all part of their cultural identity within it we can find food, dance, costumes, political, religious, and language among others, which we call folklore.
Exist different types of slangs make reference to sex, violence, drugs, or crime; the use of slang is often seen by many people as an indicator of the speaker `s lower social status. In ethnic groups usually every day its very common and this is a form that communication.
This expression use in old countries and this is you’re particularly and form the edification, for example in Costa Rica uses many types of slangs, “pura vida”, “mae”, etc. In the United State are common use slangs, and they are not definition a person is polite or not polite exits many word the person use in your daily vocabulary.
This is a better form to communicate with the society, are a few examples slang use in America:

Props - "respect, recognition" (example. Gotta give that girl props for her web site...) Off the hinges - "similar to off the hook, something is outstanding, great" (example. "Yo, that concert was off the hinges!")
Wares - The de facto standard term for a piece of pirated software/music/movies copied from a friend or downloaded from the Internet. (Example. This website has a huge abundance of wares on it!) dot gone - unsuccessful internet company (example. ex. pets.com)
In Britain the history are similar use slang language related sites, is a particularly that person use and identification where do you live.

Copacabana Brazil

Copacabana beach is a 4 km white sanded beach situated in Rio de Janeiro . It is probably the most famous beach in of Brazil it has a half-moon shape and is nicknamed the Sea Princess. Well , Rio de Janeiro is known for the symbol of the Christ Redeemer. A symbol that everybody recognize this and know that it’s from Brazil. Copacabana is one of the most visited beaches in Brazil , and it has the infrastructure to attract many tourists to. It has Restaurants, pubs, street vendors, many beach volleyball courts. Other Brazilian attractions are the Botanical Garden and the legendary Maracana stadium.

Many people say Copa cabana and Brazil are incredible , because the people there is very nice , the country has a rich culture( the meals dances including Samba stand for what they are known worldwide Carioca’s and of course the beautiful sun . My dream is to someday be able to visit this beautiful place and be able to witness the Beauty of this South American country.

Health Practices... :o)

The human being is a set of systems that are interconnected to allow a proper functioning of the whole body .Health means having a balance of all functions and systems, this we call homeostasis. The environment, in which we live, exposes us daily to a lot of diseases and risks to our health. We have a defense system called the immune system; it provides a protection against agents who try to get sick all the time. This is why it is so important to consider health practices which prevent the spread of infections, viruses and other.

We should wash our hands before eating and after toileting, washing food before eating, touching contaminated objects, clean our environment with disinfectants, avoid putting our dirty hands in o mouths and visit the doctor regularly, all this leads us to a healthy life.

Impact of video games

A game is a computer program, created for entertainment, based on the interaction between one or more persons and an electronic device (Either a computer, an arcade system, a video game or a handheld device), which runs the game. Which can be fun for the people that are playing, but I don’t it allows friends or people to interact properly . In many cases, they recreate environments, virtual or fantasy situations, adventure, in which the player can control one or more characters to reach level up defeating obstacles and even those that require coordination of different body parts as are the more recent Nintendo WI. In the case if the Nintendo Wii , I think they try to achieve more interactivity , by allowing real team work. (If playing with more people).
A variety of video games has been increasing due to high demand they have had in the market, in Costa Rica began to become popular in the decade of the 80 to this day are one of the best-selling products to find a technological age. There has been a problem with the game too many of these as they create an addiction to the player, physical inactivity, and violence present in some of them have tarnished the image of these. Controls should be primarily on parents to measure the time and type of game that uses your child to prevent misuse of something that can be used as relaxation therapy and motivation as they produce is.

My favorite restaurant

The food is delicious; is difficult chose my favorite, I´m love chicken, French fries, typical food, Italian food and Chinese food. I prefer spaghetti and pizza I love Italian food, I’m visit “Pane e Vino” in this place prepare excellent dishes, i like go pizza hut too. Smell the cheese it’s great and taste the flavor is wonderful, I think this food is an art, is healthy because its low in calories and eating with a salad it’s a good combination.

Are this place I can found a delicious dishes and attention is excellent, I`m confession love dessert; chocolate cake it’s my favorite, the ice cream in special macadamia con vanilla its delicious flavor.


Everyone should show respect and courtesy for others. This is part of being a member of society. There are different ways to show courtesy like, etiquette and good manners. These provide guidelines to follow and how to deal with situations that lead us to the limit and sometimes make us lose the reason.
Etiquette is not just a pretty dress, being polite in social activities, at a dinner, smiling and greeting everyone around us. I think that if society always uses good manners, we would live more peaceful, coexist and communicate between all in a much better way. Good manners and proper etiquette are at the very core of how we communicate with another.